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Frédérique Vièl

Mandataire Frédérique Vièl

Cabinet Vièl EHICS engineer
Cabinet Vièl Dr. rer. nat. (University of Tübingen, Germany)
Cabinet Vièl French patent attorney
Cabinet Vièl European patent attorney
Cabinet Vièl European trade mark and design attorney

After completing her thesis, Frédérique Vièl worked in the German pharmaceutical industry for five years responsible for marketing authorisations for medical products.

In 1998, she obtained the diploma of the Centre for International Studies in Industrial Property at Strasbourg (CEIPI) in patents, trade marks and designs.

She has been a European patent attorney since 2001 and a French patent attorney since 2002. Since 2009, she has also been a European trade mark and design attorney.  

Frédérique Vièl has dual French and German citizenship and speaks French and German.